"Over the last 5 years, Susanne has provided consistent and excellent care for our precious Golden Retriever, Casey!  We have the utmost trust and confidence in Susanne's abilities to care for your pet.”

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cooper, Tenafly

"Words cannot express how much faith and trust I have put into Susanne's expertise in caring for Sonny over the past eight years.  She has been an integral part of his life throughout his years as a national champion-------even at the Westminster Dog Show.  Her grooming and training have allowed Sonny to become a certified therapy dog, a member of the NYPD canine force, and a Westminster champion."

"My schedule as a physician sometimes creates long days and even meetings in other cities.  There is no one individual that I trust Sonny with other than Susanne.  I would be happy to go into further detail as to her skill and compassion as a pet sitter, so do not hesitate to call me at 201-947-1900 for more information."


Dr. Louis V. Angioletti, Jr. MD, Norwood


"We cannot commend Susanne enough for her incredible ability to work with and care for dogs.  Our Leonberger, Juno, who sadly died, absolutely adored had only to say the words "Susanne's here" in a high pitched voice, and her tail would wag enthusiastically and she would run to the door.  We now have a new Leonberger, Dido and already she has settled into staying with Susanne like it's her second home.  We highly recommend Happy Tails Professional Pet Sitting care and affection that any owner - and dog - could want."


Marian and Arthur Imperatore, Englewood

Dusti, our 2 year old female Golden Doodle, LOVES spending time at Happy Tails with Susanne and all of her canine friends.  When I say “Susanne’s coming” Dusti gets all excited and waits at the door.  When Susanne arrives, Dusti can’t get out the door fast enough.  In addition to the wonderful experience Dusti has at Susanne’s, whether it’s for a day of play or for boarding, Susanne does an outstanding job grooming Dusti.  We (Dusti and her human parents) are incredibly fortunate to have found someone who loves and cares for Dusti as much as we do.  It’s wonderful to know that Dusti is in such a great environment when she’s away from home.  I would highly recommend Happy Tails  and Susanne to anyone looking for a safe, secure and loving environment for their pets.

Sharon, Tom & Dusti Salmon, Englewood

We are so grateful for the nuturing care Susanne has provided for our two cats, Mia and Mickey.  In addition to routine care for our two cats, Susanne provided exceptional special needs care for our eldest cat Mia, who has a kidney issue.  Susanne graciously administered medication and subcutaneous fluids needed during this time in her life.  Susanne is compassionate and nurturing, and our pets sense her loving nature.  It's such a blessing to have our cats in such great care while we are away from home.  We highly recommend Susanne and Happy Tails for exceptional skilled and compassionate pet care needs.

Anka Kovacic, Closter