Our Prices

  Standard 30 minute visit for dog $18.00

*Standard "Potty Break" $15.00

*Standard visit for cat $18.00

*Standard visit for rabbit $18.00

*Standard visit for small caged animal $18.00


 Additional pets $5.00/visit second dog 

                             $5.00/visit second cat



*includes cleaning of cages/litter boxes



Pet Taxi to local groomer or vet $10.00 each trip to and from service

Pet Taxi to groomer or vet

   outside of immediate area $15.00 each trip to and from service


Time spent at either groomer or vet $8.00 per each 15 minutes


Pick-up/drop-off key visit $10.00


Administration of Medication $2.00/dose

Administration of

   subcutaneous fluids and injections $5.00/dose


Meet & greet *No charge


*The initial new client meeting/consultation is free of charge; however, if the client requires that I return a second time to meet new pets, go over new information or pick up a key, a fee of $10.00 will be added to the bill of services.